Winning in Personal Life…. ( A Tribute To My Partner )



On this lonesome road, I was walking in solitude,

Wondering if it was the right one to choose

Looking for directions, lost in my reverie

Praying for an aide and then you came en route


Saw me on my tramp, with my unsteady stride

Fear of falling abyss, you took my hand to guide

Led my way, instilled me with self belief

Showed me the path so lucid, so discreet


I have taken some vows n taken some oaths

All with your potion of care and support

Am ready and braced to take it ablaze

Only with your fortitude, with poise and grace


You gave me my reason, my raison d’être

Promises I made to you, I shall deliver

You are my mast, without you I’d quiver

You are my mentor that I so revere


Now that I am resurrected and rechristened

Found my journey and my triumph

Scaling new heights, making for ascend

Learned to rejoice and rise to transcend


Be there, be around as I shall need your spirit

On your gumption, I took to detour

Inspired by your resolve, took many pledges

Withstood challenges and fought many battles,


You are my power house, I seek strength from you

You kindle my fire, get my beacon from you

You enthuse me each morning, you teach me how to live

To embrace the defeats as bravely as victories


I have loved your ardor and your gaiety

I am in awe of your heroic deity

Don’t abandon me amidst my path to salvation

I need you to turn to, till I attain self actualization!


The tacit gratitude, I treasure in my heart

A feeling unspoken, till am ready to depart

Knowing you will know how much I need

God sent you as my companion, together we shall tread!!


Its a step towards my personal goal……

To Win in personal life – Never take relationships for granted, specially the precious ones. Never fall short of words for those who contribute enormously to your life and support earnestly in making you what you are today…..

So started with a little verse that I gifted to my life partner, on our anniversary yesterday.

‘Is it about Living or Winning!’

‘Is it about Living or Winning!’

While my mind was debating to make a rational choice,I realized that inadvertently I had always nurtured a strong will to Win ever since I had gained consciousness.

It was always about Winning! Winning in life! Facing it head on…

But what’s winning all about…

Is it about winning over others!
Is it about winning in your own journey of life!
Is it about having your goals in life and achieving them!
Is it about- Winning over your mind, body and soul!

We all all have to decipher it for ourselves and find our own definition. To me- This is it…

Winning doesn’t mean defeating the world for once
Winning means triumphing over my quest in true sense
It’s not about living each day as it comes
Winning is about having the grit to take a chance

Winning is about not giving in without trying
Winning is about rising above the circumstance
Winning is not about conquering always
Winning is also about taking the right stance

Winning is not outwitting always
It’s about being revered for my viewpoint
Winning is not convincing always
It’s about getting convinced ‘n’ vanquishing ignorance

Winning is not about battering the frail
It’s about reaching out, empowering till they are strong
Winning is not leaving behind others
It’s about taking everyone along

I can’t win a life, without winning each day
I can’t be a true winner, without winning in each foray
Winning isn’t just setting a goal and achieving it
Winning is raising the goalpost each time

Winning is about making a choice to win
Each battle for right, to salvage from wrong
To make a better world, to create a better universe
Winning is about evolving and pursuing excellence