Good To Great !!!

Good to Great …


I know where I am,

I know where I need to go

Just reworking my map

Just re-gaging my goal


Its not that I haven’t arrived

Not that I haven’t attained

I collected many awards

Many honours n accolades


It is not my best and optimal

Nor yet time to put my feet up

To lay back n remunerate

My strife and little applaud


It isn’t my ‘mother of pearl’ sheen

My finest is yet to be honed

More polishing and whetting

Is possible to further whittle the stone


What I have lived is good

I have earned enough to decorate

Its choice to live on this treasure

Or move from good to great!

A New Day !!

A new day!


Each day is different

Each day is new

An opportunity to play new innings

Its God’s gift for you


New song to sing

New shades and hues

New journey to begin

New secrets new cues


New seeds to be sown

Fresh energy to ensue

Another chance to be reborn

To evolve n renew

What Makes An Absolute Leader !!


What makes you an absolute leader..

Words that come from heart and stir the soul

Warmth that your aura upholds and unrolls

An enigmatic humility, yet upfront n bold

Friendly, yet  detached, focused on goal

An earnest smile that lights up a heart

Wisdom that ignites one’s mind with many thoughts

Earnest feeds that strike a cord

Effortless flow of discourses in a lyrical art

Be amiable and amenable, yet firm and intense

Fits well with the overall panache and elegance

There are things about you, one shouldn’t comprehend

May that be a part of your persona beyond everyone’s cognizance

Passion and excellence be your tenet

Innate style to make a connect

An eye to differentiate the jewels from the stones

Talent to warrant and not just owning the throne

What makes one extraordinary are yet the things above all

A burning desire to constantly evolve

Striving to escalate and rise with a resolve

No! Its not the power, the rule, the reign etcetera…

What makes you absolute is being the worthy winner of cathedra!


I Have A Dream…


















I Have  A Dream…

To weed out the deadwood and grow new saplings

Ready to breathe freely, to enthuse fresh oxygen

Steadfast, impervious of infestation and erosion

To paint the firmament vivid blue and earth lush green


To see these new seedlings be happy, contented

And grow into strong, passionate loving beings

Those greyed and ripened be warm and well tucked

Protected from chill, revered for all their years of giving


To wipe off all the miseries of the world

And make earth so peaceful & serene

All the pain and sorrow be well put back in Pandora’s box,

returning world its lost sheen


Make life’s journey full of joyous moments

And treasure this wealth to look back and gleam

Bathing in memories of all those who brought joy in life

Whose presence n role had a special meaning


The whole planet be wholesome continent

Why fight amongst the geographical terrains

Want to show power n victories over the world?

Save planet, sow seeds and plenty hearts to win !



sketch - Copy


Journey to Victory…dedicated to my Winning Team!!



There’s a challenge ahead

There’s an combatant outside

There are hurdles n blockades

It’s a steep cliff to climb

Are you valiant and unafraid!


There’s struggle, there’s warfare

Time to unite, together we fasten

To prove to the greater dare

Your ability may be questioned

Are you ready to smarten for crusade!


You may fall before the rise

You may falter before success

You may die to get immortalized

It’s a long journey without recess

Are you ready to resurrect n resuscitate!


There’ll be darkness before the light

There’ll be calm, yet a storm

There’ll be no wrongs to get to right

To walk on frost, shed the warmth

Are you ready to show your might!


There’ll be fire to walk through

You got to be steel, not ductile

There’s a cause to lead the crew

To co-create at every mile

Are you ready to bleed n fight !


There’s a promise to deliver

There’s pledge to be fulfilled

There’s a cause to persevere

There’s an honor to keep n shield

Are you ready for joy of pride!


The tunnel is long n obscure

The height is new n unknown

There will be dawn ahead for sure

The glory of day n warm sun anon

Are you ready to endure long night!


There’s field we need to plough

Unravel, uneven is the terrain

We need to surge, the seed is sowed

We need the sun, minerals n rain

Are you ready to blossom n flower within!


We have done enough

And yet the thirst for more

To meet our goal however tough

Camaraderie, passion in galore

Are we ready to clear the din!


We are now close to our success

Ready to unfurl the flag of victory

The last thrust to the power we possess

Triumph now! Rest will be history

Are you armed with valor n ready to win!

Rising above lows…

At times I feel so restless

At times so disdained

So lonely and in distress

Extinguished and insane


Ever there’d be a spark

Ever there’d be some light

To put myself together

To gather some might


At loss of my muses

At loss of cause to write

Suddenly bereft of energy

Beat and full of trite


Feeling of hopelessness

Feeling bitterness of compromise

Wondering on my own threshold

Mediocrity no surprise


Fatigued by the obstacles

Fatigued by strength of dissuaded

A fight to ignite the expended

A drive to shine the corroded


The more I need Uprising

The more I feel rebelled

The jealous and the envious

Are winning battles un-quelled


I am to be blamed

I’m to be condemned

For letting the losers win

Ruling of hollow, hypocrite n sycophant


Is the light of truth so dismal

Is the excellence so impatient

Unable to pierce the darkness

Unworthy of genuine attempt


What do we want to achieve

Where do we want to reach

Why s others endorsement so important

Why is n’t enough to self-seek


Well I don’t care to fight the fool

Well I don’t want to prove the ignorant

I just surmounted my strength

to win my-Self and conquer my cause coherent


To Win Each Day, Be A Warrior Each day !!

Amidst so much of hopelessness, let’s light hope and win ourselves each day…..


Every day I wake up, willful to realize

Take up wattle and daub, in my armor like a knight

There’s new realm to annex, there’s new battle to fight

There s new cause to take up, there’s new reason for strife


I need to whet my arms of belief and raison d’être

Need to gather courage to face it everyday

There’s a fire, there’s blood shed

There’s vengeance and hatred


Wonder as if am fighting for my selfish goals

Question myself too often, am I warring my foes

They are my very own and so is my holy cause

We need to come together and forward we march


It’s time to awaken them to their righteous role

To work for creating around a better world

Somewhere we have lost our vision, sparkle of our sight

We have forgotten our worth and brawn of our might


Hey all martials wake up, team up and move

Don’t lose existence, living like dead wood

You have to be fearless, if your goal you wish to attain

It’s you who have to become the catalyst for change


Have you all forgotten pleasure of co-creation

Weakened are the values, fallen are foundations

There’s greed n there’s lust, bereft of self esteem

Know not if they know the bliss of earning by true means


It’s time to make a difference, it’s time to join crusade

It’s time to be invincible, it’s time to invigorate

There s a dead silence around, no soul so stirred

They have learned to live like corpses or a life of marauder


Ahh! I am losing hope and ready to give in……….


I am ready to call it a day and feeling so deplete

A feeling of restiveness, senses so dead and beat

If it’s really worth it, I can also look the other way

Turn my back to misery and let the world decay


Then comes a light, to blind my unscrupulous thoughts

The keystones I have laid and groundwork of past

I sleep over this melancholy, with conflicting cacophony

Then dreams lift me to the world anew, springing with harmony


I wake up cleansed and bathed, resolute and steadfast

Ambiguous and unassuming, are emotions of the past

Once again to fight, once again to win

Invoking the rabble to create a new sovereign!


Ordinary To Extraordinary…its all in you !

Winning is about awareness of self

Winning is about making informed choices

Winning is about living each moment to its best

Winning is about rising above wrongs ‘n’ rights, shedding biases


Finding ‘Self’ was the next step. Discovering what illumines my heart and soul. How do I give my best to myself and those who matter! How do I turn around my journey from ordinary to extraordinary…and feel like a winner in each endeavor of life !


I was playing an ordinary role

None to make me feel special, dreary was my stroll,

Nothing to make me eternal, no gigantic goal,

That was perhaps how I lived, paying no heed to my soul


Humble dwelling, unpretentious parentage

Middling mind, unadorned appearance

No God’s gift, no fêted existence

There was no aura, devoid of radiance  


So should I accept and grow like a weed or a scented flower

Do I just live with ordinary dreams n desire

No, I have to burn for brilliance, I have to hunt my treasure

Let me not put my feet up, ther’s no time for leisure


I am not willing to let go, howsoever ordinary I am still

For I have to seed in my heart, an extraordinary will

Tenacity to evolve, a fire thus kindled

To acquire distinct knowledge, cultivate peerless skill


I will be my own sculptor; I will find my own mentors

Will shape my own future and sculpt my character

Will add new hues to fiber and new sheen to texture

I have to find my goal, my forte and my stature


I have decided to fight and fight till I win

I will stand resilient, no matter how elfin

A secret pledge I took, never shall I give in

To find myself a reason and life’s true meaning


And it’s been so strenuous, not an easy road to choose

Every step was challenge, and every turn bemused

I bejeweled grit and gumption, adorned with aptitude

Little by little I grew to attain my magnitude


Although lost in crowd, I had my own face

No mask, no facade, one of my true race 

You may not however fall for, certainly would reminisce

Embracing my dignity, with new acquired grace


My promise to myself, has finally come true

My misery for being so oblivious, I have finally paid adieu

No reason for despair, no moments of blue

For some things better than others, I can certainly do


I followed my heart with a strong will and might

Garnered robust logic, clarity above wrong and right

Made my way through dense woods, fueling my own light

No longer will I lose, never will get wiped


I treasured every pearl of wisdom on my way

Pushed back with higher thrust, each time I washed away

Learnt to ride the high tide, drowning every day

Was I willing to ever give in..Oh never ! No Way !


Oh dear God, whatever you may create for hindrance

I’ll take that as your way to preach me perseverance

To salvage my self esteem, I covet so intense

Never to alter my course till I discover life’s true essence!

My Cognizance To This Journey

My cognizance to this journey happened some years back, reminiscing it brings a smile to my soul…


It was my last day at work, last day of my first job, the most loved and cherished as one’s first love. My mixed feelings’ farewell note was ready to be shot to all and sundry in my mail box. I was packing my friendship bands, good luck charms and many small keepsakes gifted by my fellow colleagues. Meticulous and organized as I was from day one, my handover document was ready appropriately.

Oh! How I was going to miss this place, the office, my witty boss, the office boy who called me ‘mam’ for the first time, the male colleague who sat opposite me and gave me side glances at every opportunity. My only female friend at work, Vidisha, who introduced me to the city and gave me the confidence to explore beyond my small town limits. This was the place where I took my first step to realize my dreams, to demonstrate my competence, establish my self-esteem. I was the first girl in the family to have done management degree and entered the corporate world.

I scurried out of office at lunch time to see her and say my goodbye to her. If there was a Facebook at that time, I would have made her my social network friend and stayed in touch. Well it didn’t exist and neither did the cellphones, so I was visiting her unannounced. I followed the street behind my office in Hans Bhawan, as she had explained me once; evoking the memory of the first day we had met.


Like every other day, I was doing the morning drill to reach office, walking briskly to the main road to catch an auto-rickshaw to Badkhal railway station in Faridabad. Forgetting the soaring high heels, my precious purchase from my first salary, I managed my way through the crowded door of ladies compartment of electric train to Delhi. I looked at the crowd of faces equally occupied in settling down, managing their baggage, lunchboxes, adjusting their saris after getting pulled and pushed in rush to board. A blind man was taking refuge in ladies compartment and getting a seat out of sympathy. This morning had become a permanent imprint in my memory and ran every day like a replay of same scene. Similar faces, same rush, same tussle to get into the local train.

Women of all age groups, from young excited, chirpy sales executives in western formals to middle aged working in government departments with desperate attempt to hide emerging fine lines under layers of compact and dark lipsticks. But all of them certainly had one thing in common- an expression of purpose and air of confidence about themselves. I was a small town girl, barely twenty, who was learning to cope up with the big city temperaments. I was a bit lost, looking for a vacant seat as my office stop Tilak Bridge was one hour away. Suddenly my eyes met with those of a strikingly beautiful woman who was dressed in crisp cotton maroon coloured sari with thin gold border. To match with her attire she had a large maroon bindi on her broad brow making her stand apart from the rest. I stumbled upon a place to hold a side support next to her. She noticed me and smiled, ‘it’s equally bad every day. Some of these ladies will get down on the next stop and we will get place to sit.’ I smiled back nodding. ‘I am going to Tilak bridge, you!’ she continued. ‘Oh! Tilak bridge only. I work in Hans Bhawan’ I replied.

Well this was the beginning of my knowing Achala, who was working in an audit department of a government organization close to my office. Educated, smart, interesting women of about twenty eight years, mother of two sons, she had just joined after her maternity leave. She became my travel companion for the next one year. I unknowingly idolized her and started seeing growing up in Delhi as a young pass out from university from her eyes. She had sort of become a mentor to help me navigate my way in this big city.

Upon TT’s request, I took out my ticket to get my first lesson from her that railway pass was a more economical option than buying a ticket every day, adequately proved by her apt mathematical skills .

One evening, while I rushed to station after work, I realized I have missed my usual train by five minutes and the next would be after forty five minutes. With a sigh, I deposited myself on a nearby bench on the platform. Suddenly I saw Achla also slowly walking with her tiffin towards platform. We saw each other and exchanged a sheepish laugh realizing we both had missed the train. We had plenty of time at our expense and we were both starving after a consuming day. So we decided to get something to eat and the safest she suggested were Litchis from a vendor selling fruits at end of the platform. I made sure we take an extra polybag for chucking the peals and seeds. When we were finished, I took the polythene and started looking for a litter bin around. Achla gave me a mischievous smile pointing at her watch and suggested with a wink the option of throwing it on the side of the platform as most people do. I smiled back and went ahead looking for the garbage bin. Finally after a long walk I found one over spilling trash drum, surrounded by stray dogs. I managed to add my bit also from a little distance and started back quickly, as it was time for the next train.

Getting a railway pass to shopping places around office, advance course on balancing home and work at the same time, managing husband, having children to losing weight after delivery by breast feeding, she was my ‘Ask me’ for just about everything. In return I shared my office experiences, my dreams and how I desired to learn quickly the shipping  business. How I really strove and worked hard to be regarded as one of the most respected professionals.


I had to ask a few people and chai- wallas on the roadside to seek directions and finally entered the building where she worked. I joined her for a quick lunch with her colleagues. I was impatient to get a moment of her alone and say my bye and thank-you. In her small cubical, I told her that today is my last day at work and in Delhi, as I was getting married. I barely managed, ‘I have been wanting to tell you so, but didn’t see you for a couple of days while traveling. Today was my last day at work and couldn’t have left without meeting you, so came looking for you in your office’ and felt my eyes moist. I searched the same emotion in her eyes, but she only smiled.

I finally said my customary Thank-yous to her for being a great friend, a wonderful company, an elder sister who always had quick pearls of wisdom to spare in a city where I was completely a novice. I will miss you was cliché and uncalled for to match her temperament. So I dropped this from my script as a last minute decision and instead gave her an affectionate hug and said bye. While I was handing her over a small gift I had brought her, she smiled again as always, with her beautiful round face radiating warmth and said- ‘Mandy, you are a gem. You have a fire inside you, keep it kindled…always’.

It sounded like a cautionary advice, more than a compliment.

While I silently wadded along these words and moments, I also stowed two more valuable lessons:

First- When you part and move on in life, cherish the learning and good memories of great people, growing above the emotions to hold on. As life is a journey and so it should be lived.

Second- keep your youthful energy and childlike curiosity alive always. It comes handy to keep you lit when the hard process of maturing tends to burn you out.

That was Achla!

And that was my first conversance to my inner self, as described by her. I made a mental promise to her on my way back, to keep my strength and attitude alive.

How could she notice that fire, the desire I had nurtured from my childhood, unconsciously. My strong yearning to create self-worth and make a difference by giving my best to whatever I lay my hands on.

‘Is it about Living or Winning!’

‘Is it about Living or Winning!’

While my mind was debating to make a rational choice,I realized that inadvertently I had always nurtured a strong will to Win ever since I had gained consciousness.

It was always about Winning! Winning in life! Facing it head on…

But what’s winning all about…

Is it about winning over others!
Is it about winning in your own journey of life!
Is it about having your goals in life and achieving them!
Is it about- Winning over your mind, body and soul!

We all all have to decipher it for ourselves and find our own definition. To me- This is it…

Winning doesn’t mean defeating the world for once
Winning means triumphing over my quest in true sense
It’s not about living each day as it comes
Winning is about having the grit to take a chance

Winning is about not giving in without trying
Winning is about rising above the circumstance
Winning is not about conquering always
Winning is also about taking the right stance

Winning is not outwitting always
It’s about being revered for my viewpoint
Winning is not convincing always
It’s about getting convinced ‘n’ vanquishing ignorance

Winning is not about battering the frail
It’s about reaching out, empowering till they are strong
Winning is not leaving behind others
It’s about taking everyone along

I can’t win a life, without winning each day
I can’t be a true winner, without winning in each foray
Winning isn’t just setting a goal and achieving it
Winning is raising the goalpost each time

Winning is about making a choice to win
Each battle for right, to salvage from wrong
To make a better world, to create a better universe
Winning is about evolving and pursuing excellence