Amidst of humongous, impressively verbalized, awe-inspiring wisdom being shared on Leadership and Winning in life, I have set out to discover my own connotation of this subject and capture my renditions in my weblog-

‘Living to Winning’


Do I stand a chance! What extra or special do I bring to the table!!…were some of the questions I encountered from my well-wishers.

All I had to say in response was:

I am writing this for myself, to encapsulate my learnings of life in various roles….

My battles, my quests,

My victories, my conquests,

My passions and pursuits,

My promises I made to myself

I don’t intent to coach anyone or suggest

This journey best be figured out by each individual himself!

I am doing it for my soul, to give expression to my thoughts I strongly feel about.

Why publish!! Penning them down on global platform has its own merits. It impetuses me to decrypt the clamoring unprocessed notions in my mind into clear, unambiguous directions. It also enthuses sense of responsibility for every word I write and I feel accountable for unswerving delivery of my promises on ground.

My collection of prose and poetry is not excerpts from any great authors and leaders and nor I am one. These are my truths, honest expressions and discoveries which have helped me add more meaning and bliss to my life.

I followed my heart with a strong will and might

Garnered robust logic, clarity above wrong and right

Made my way through dense woods, fueling my own light

No longer will I lose, never will get wiped

Without much ado, let me begin from the ‘start point’ of my journey from Living to Winning…….



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