Fantasise, I no more 
Farfetched vagary, holds no allure 
All foods taste the same, 
Unappetizing, Insipid, as I devour

Proximity discomforts me, 
Strangers and their small talks fascinate
Intransient, treaded bores me
Wandering off, getting lost, liberates

Eluding the charted lanes 
I knock no familiar doors
Exhuming my enshrined hankering, 
Breathing its last, comatose obscure

Am slamming the unknown doors, 
Hoping to find life that still breathes
In the bemused faces, accidental touch, unacquainted smiles of milieu 
I don’t fall in love with familiar anymore

I metamorphose into my amphibian twin
And make unfamiliar part of my tell tale
Speak their patois, eat their food 
Look their way, live their idyll 

Do you even see me!
Lost, rapt, I transformed right under your nose
I am my own manifestation 
The one you remember and the one you ignored


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