When the world is about to reboot…

The world that was,

And this Nova’s Ark we are sailing in

Apparently will transport us to a new parallel cosmos

Generations down, the tales of testing times,

The memories of how we were disempowered precipitously,

By survivors, will be told

How vulnerable we were and how permeable it was

What we referred as, our avant-garde world

Forced to hibernate back in the caves,

Suddenly we are naked and disrobed

My friends, there’s more…

How we are put in our place, by the universe

And nature reclaims, taking its course

Awestruck, distant, we gaze out from this long glass shaft

The deer freely grazing in the lakeside meadows

And those from the swamp, merrily crossing the roads

A panther spotted in the vicinity

And shoal of dolphins made their way to the shore

The breeze turned pure, whilst AQIs soar

Poof went the smog, poof went the smoke

The last few dust particles still suspended in the air

Got washed down with the unseasonal shower

Snow capped Himalayas then emerged majestically, as though

Appeased, the long annoyed gods, Amarnath and Hemkunt abode

How much we humans had robbed off mother earth

Of her once ubiquitous treasures, leaving her violated and unrestored

We, the real pollutants with our toxins of ignorance and follies

Had threatened the inviolability to its peak

The Almighty up there finally took charge

And pressed the reset button, for the planetary settings to restore

Sending signs to revive life, through goddess Shakti in Navaratries,

Appending a new fasting norm of abstinence, by staying indoors

Well this too shall pass, and reside in the history forever

The mistakes we made and the lessons we learnt

The real test is when we stride past this tunnel

The life will bring us to a new beginning once more

In a state akin to being put in the purgatory

The calls then we make now will decide, whether

Our new world retreats to the old hell

Or embraces the path to the heaven’s door !


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