The First Kiss

Still so succulently warm

That I can feel the moist dew

On my lips as it seeps through

Surreal, as it whelms my senses

Swells my heart, stirs my soul

Staying forever, safely treasured in my core

The wonder of the first is…

It’s the longest you ever kiss

From the conception in your mind

With the cognisance of its existence

The fantasies of its conjecture

The desire to feel it on one’s virgin lips.

Seeding the imagination of the unknown

The hunger you’d never known

Is it ambrosial and may satiate?

Or aphrodisiac that may invigorate !

The delicious, amorous,

Euphoric and ecstatic

Yearning to taste the untasted.

Such is the first kiss.

It goes beyond the lips

Freezes you and melts you at the same time

An ice flake that tickles down

And lava that engulfs your whole being

Fire that may besiege

It doesn’t end there

The fantasy of the first kiss,

Lingers on, the endless times

You keep playing it in your mind

The eternal feeling that’s never repeated

Even if you kiss thereafter a zillion times

That’s the magic of first kiss

And then we met

And felt the urge

To unleash the longing

Of thirsty lips

Before I could conjure up

The fantasies of years

Invoke the hankering

I nursed for a period

Serenade my soul

To warm my being

To feel the feeling

of my dream

There it was planted

Brusque and terse

It happened

Oh did it

Was it… my first kiss

No that wasn’t it

It was the second, then the third and the nth

So on and so forth…over the days , months years

I stopped counting

But the one I had treasured

The mystic one I lived on

Am still aching for…My first

That never happened !

Copyright Mandeep Caur

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