You are part of me…


They may see in you an ordinary boy

But I know you’re quite unusual

Not a regular next door guy,

A discreet and super individual


Once if you meet someone,

You win him for life

You touch his heart and soul,

With your candor n smile


Your world is totally different

With meaningful little things..

Where reality gets blurred

And dreams get their wings


Where fish can actually fly,

Birds can also swim

Where humans turn in robots

Zombies killed by imps


Your reasoning is so special

Your ingenious has no parallel

Ordinary things just bore you

In puzzles and riddles, you excel


I want to see the world from your eyes

For, it’s limitless beyond the skies

With a mind always on flight

You could touch the stars so high


I know you’re going to be exceptional

It wonders me what’s your whim

I have seen your young mind question,

Look for answers of world so distinct


You’re part of me,

So I live you everyday

My heart beats for you

For your triumph, I always prey!!




Mentor and Coach !!

Mentor and Coach !!


I have touched a few lives

Some vain, some really bright

They renewed, they grew and reached their height

Met their purpose, which made their heart smile


It feels great to play that role

But on my heart it takes a toll

As this involves me to go through a process

Of trust and love and emotions enfold


It starts with loving the dough of thy soul

Soaking in mine, as if it was a mold

Slowly it takes the shape of my heart

Fits into it as if it was a part


It grows its stems and leaves to feed

It strengthens the roots to stand on its feet

Only to discover that it was God’s art

To use me as a carrier to take them to their path


It’s great to be worthy of playing that role

But everytime my heart stretches and reshapes

It wilts to shreds, baring new holes

It causes a piercing ache, unexplained, untold


It’s my heart and it’s my soul

Not a synthetic cast or a throwaway mold

You may use and shed whenever…

You think you are ready for a new goal


God tells me it’s great to be a catalyst

To contribute to the others’ catharsis

But, it impregnates my heart with a new hope

That I found my true friend ‘n’ accomplice


I want to hold on to it for all the blood ‘n’ tears I give

I join its dream as it‘d break if I miss

But then it’s evolved and ready for a goodbye kiss

You shovel me out of my make belief bliss


I am left bleeding in anguish n pain

Isolated, lonesome and torn by a vane

Withered by a storm, deluged by the rain

Feeling hollow and vain all over again


God! It’s been long, I swore, I’ll not surrogate anyone’s soul

I’ll not love or nurture it to have me cajoled

You served me anew! As it was meant to merge

I started believing, we are one and it’d make me whole!



Let me bid you bon voyage…go live your dream!

My Precious !!


I have uprooted my little scion

And planted it so far far away

To experience new milieu

To blossom n flower in an abounding way


Our roots were so entangled

Our hearts were so entwined

It hurt n bled as I pulled away

The invisible umbilical cord, intertwined


Over the years and seasons

I have nurtured it with love n care

To protect it from chill n frost

Kept tucked under my shade


Then came a day

When it touched the ceiling

Ready to fly n gain full height

How I wished I could keep tending


Do I really have to do it,

Why not fend under my wing

To keep it warm n protected

From the world so unforgiving


I secretly fathomed,

I have to let it sail

To learn to face the strong winds

Of life’s storms n gales


To prepare for the global environ

To grow into a grove, evergreen

Learn to bloom through autumn n winter

For life is not an everlasting spring


I have to strengthen my core

To let this cause begin

To help unleash its full stature

To let strew its fragrance to the brim


Let me bid you bon voyage…go live your dream!