Ordinary To Extraordinary…its all in you !

Winning is about awareness of self

Winning is about making informed choices

Winning is about living each moment to its best

Winning is about rising above wrongs ‘n’ rights, shedding biases


Finding ‘Self’ was the next step. Discovering what illumines my heart and soul. How do I give my best to myself and those who matter! How do I turn around my journey from ordinary to extraordinary…and feel like a winner in each endeavor of life !


I was playing an ordinary role

None to make me feel special, dreary was my stroll,

Nothing to make me eternal, no gigantic goal,

That was perhaps how I lived, paying no heed to my soul


Humble dwelling, unpretentious parentage

Middling mind, unadorned appearance

No God’s gift, no fêted existence

There was no aura, devoid of radiance  


So should I accept and grow like a weed or a scented flower

Do I just live with ordinary dreams n desire

No, I have to burn for brilliance, I have to hunt my treasure

Let me not put my feet up, ther’s no time for leisure


I am not willing to let go, howsoever ordinary I am still

For I have to seed in my heart, an extraordinary will

Tenacity to evolve, a fire thus kindled

To acquire distinct knowledge, cultivate peerless skill


I will be my own sculptor; I will find my own mentors

Will shape my own future and sculpt my character

Will add new hues to fiber and new sheen to texture

I have to find my goal, my forte and my stature


I have decided to fight and fight till I win

I will stand resilient, no matter how elfin

A secret pledge I took, never shall I give in

To find myself a reason and life’s true meaning


And it’s been so strenuous, not an easy road to choose

Every step was challenge, and every turn bemused

I bejeweled grit and gumption, adorned with aptitude

Little by little I grew to attain my magnitude


Although lost in crowd, I had my own face

No mask, no facade, one of my true race 

You may not however fall for, certainly would reminisce

Embracing my dignity, with new acquired grace


My promise to myself, has finally come true

My misery for being so oblivious, I have finally paid adieu

No reason for despair, no moments of blue

For some things better than others, I can certainly do


I followed my heart with a strong will and might

Garnered robust logic, clarity above wrong and right

Made my way through dense woods, fueling my own light

No longer will I lose, never will get wiped


I treasured every pearl of wisdom on my way

Pushed back with higher thrust, each time I washed away

Learnt to ride the high tide, drowning every day

Was I willing to ever give in..Oh never ! No Way !


Oh dear God, whatever you may create for hindrance

I’ll take that as your way to preach me perseverance

To salvage my self esteem, I covet so intense

Never to alter my course till I discover life’s true essence!


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