‘Is it about Living or Winning!’

‘Is it about Living or Winning!’

While my mind was debating to make a rational choice,I realized that inadvertently I had always nurtured a strong will to Win ever since I had gained consciousness.

It was always about Winning! Winning in life! Facing it head on…

But what’s winning all about…

Is it about winning over others!
Is it about winning in your own journey of life!
Is it about having your goals in life and achieving them!
Is it about- Winning over your mind, body and soul!

We all all have to decipher it for ourselves and find our own definition. To me- This is it…

Winning doesn’t mean defeating the world for once
Winning means triumphing over my quest in true sense
It’s not about living each day as it comes
Winning is about having the grit to take a chance

Winning is about not giving in without trying
Winning is about rising above the circumstance
Winning is not about conquering always
Winning is also about taking the right stance

Winning is not outwitting always
It’s about being revered for my viewpoint
Winning is not convincing always
It’s about getting convinced ‘n’ vanquishing ignorance

Winning is not about battering the frail
It’s about reaching out, empowering till they are strong
Winning is not leaving behind others
It’s about taking everyone along

I can’t win a life, without winning each day
I can’t be a true winner, without winning in each foray
Winning isn’t just setting a goal and achieving it
Winning is raising the goalpost each time

Winning is about making a choice to win
Each battle for right, to salvage from wrong
To make a better world, to create a better universe
Winning is about evolving and pursuing excellence


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